Information System Audit

We implement and train on CAAT tools especially the Audit Command Language (ACL). Our ACL consultants have more than 10 years experience in the implementation and training of this application especially in financial sector.

From fundamentals to complex scripting, we will teach anyone, regardless of experience. Costs are fixed regardless of how many trainees attend.

Designed to reflect the needs and background of auditors, our training familiarises you with ACL technology for audit programs, data access, analysis of trends and procedure automation, commensurate with deploying ACL effectively into your organization.

Introductory-Level Courses

In these hands-on courses, participants learn key ACL concepts and techniques and gather the building blocks necessary to access and analyse data using ACL.

  • AX 105 – Introduction to Analytics Exchange (On-Site Only)
  • ACL 105 – Foundations of ACL (General Introductory)
  • ACL 111 – Foundations of ACL (Retail Banking)
  • ACL 112 – Foundations of ACL (Healthcare Providers)
  • AX 153 – Introduction to Analytics Exchange and Analytics (On-Site Only)
  • AX 173 – Introduction to Analytics Exchange and Analytics (For Experienced Users. On-Site Only)
  • ACL 182 – Enterprise Accelerated Course: An Audit Workshop (Offered in Europe Only)


Intermediate-Level Course

Designed for mid-level ACL users, intermediate courses teach participants how to combine commands and expressions to increase productivity and produce more powerful results.

  • ACL 201 – Data Analysis Techniques: An ACL Workshop
  • ACL 252 – Using ACL to Detect Fraud
  • ACL 260 – Testing Internal Controls
  • ACL 291 – Developing Your ACL Procedures: A Custom Workshop (On-Site Only)
  • AX 292 – A Custom Workshop for Analytics Exchange (On-Site Only)

Advanced-Level Courses

Advanced courses are developed for experienced ACL users who want to further refine their skills and increase their knowledge.

  • ACL 301 – Advanced ACL Concepts and Techniques: Functions (On-Site Only)
  • ACL 302 – Advanced ACL Concepts and Techniques: Scripts (On-Site Only)
  • AX 302 – Developing Analytics for Analytics Exchange (On-Site Only)


Created specifically to assist managers who are implementing or planning to implement ACL software in their organization.

  • ACL 501 – Understanding ACL: A Manager’s Perspective (On-Site Only)

Specialised Training

Important for advanced ACL users who want to achieve Certification or pursue ETL training for use with ACL Analytics Exchange.

  • ACL 401 – Informatica PowerCenter 8 Level I Developer
  • ACL 901 – ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) Examination
  • TAGS




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